Welcome Level III Students!!! 

Ms. Robinson is looking forward to spending yet another year with her old students from waaaaaaaay back in Gr. 9.   This Webpage will serve as a way for you to keep track of what's up and where we're headed.  If you have any questions please see me or e-mail me:  srobinso7875@hotmail.com or sherrarobinson@westernlite.ca.  Please don't let yourself get behind -- this could mean the difference between a pass or a fail, graduating or spending another year here at Elwood with me.

The Public Exam: 50%

 3201 English Specifications

english3201_new_exam_specifications_2013.pdf english3201_new_exam_specifications_2013.pdf
Size : 95.114 Kb
Type : pdf

 3201 Sample Exams

eng3201_sample_exam.pdf eng3201_sample_exam.pdf
Size : 750.749 Kb
Type : pdf
eng3201_sample_exam_answers.pdf eng3201_sample_exam_answers.pdf
Size : 77.359 Kb
Type : pdf
eng3201_sample 2.pdf eng3201_sample 2.pdf
Size : 204.01 Kb
Type : pdf

 Holistic Scoring Samples


Useful Websites:






Terms to Know for 3201:

3201 Literary Terms.doc 3201 Literary Terms.doc
Size : 51 Kb
Type : doc
3201 Language Terms.doc 3201 Language Terms.doc
Size : 52.5 Kb
Type : doc
3201 Drama Terms.doc 3201 Drama Terms.doc
Size : 35.5 Kb
Type : doc
3201 Media Literacy Terms (handout).doc 3201 Media Literacy Terms (handout).doc
Size : 35 Kb
Type : doc
Poetic Terms.pdf Poetic Terms.pdf
Size : 76.242 Kb
Type : pdf
Poetic Forms.pdf Poetic Forms.pdf
Size : 38.043 Kb
Type : pdf
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