English 1201/2201/3201 Study Notes for Final: 

Students also have numerous handouts and samples that will be useful in studying for their exams.  Please revisit these as you study.

3201 Final Study Guide.doc 3201 Final Study Guide.doc
Size : 41 Kb
Type : doc
Size : 88.914 Kb
Type : pptx
3201 Literary Terms.doc 3201 Literary Terms.doc
Size : 51 Kb
Type : doc
Poetic Forms.pdf Poetic Forms.pdf
Size : 38.043 Kb
Type : pdf
Poetic Terms.pdf Poetic Terms.pdf
Size : 76.242 Kb
Type : pdf
Poetry Analysis.ppt Poetry Analysis.ppt
Size : 805.5 Kb
Type : ppt
Essay Notes for Midterm.doc Essay Notes for Midterm.doc
Size : 48.5 Kb
Type : doc
english3201_new_exam_specifications_2013.pdf english3201_new_exam_specifications_2013.pdf
Size : 95.114 Kb
Type : pdf
3201 Language Terms.doc 3201 Language Terms.doc
Size : 52.5 Kb
Type : doc
3201 Drama Terms.doc 3201 Drama Terms.doc
Size : 35.5 Kb
Type : doc
Guide to visuals and poems.doc Guide to visuals and poems.doc
Size : 194 Kb
Type : doc
HS_19_Print_Visuals.pdf HS_19_Print_Visuals.pdf
Size : 329.28 Kb
Type : pdf
Size : 6130.74 Kb
Type : pptx
Comparative Essay Samples.doc Comparative Essay Samples.doc
Size : 4084.5 Kb
Type : doc


Sample Exams 1201:

1201 Examination 2010.docx 1201 Examination 2010.docx
Size : 1686.991 Kb
Type : docx
1201 Examination Answer Key 2010.docx 1201 Examination Answer Key 2010.docx
Size : 197.265 Kb
Type : docx
English 1201 Final Exam 2014 Black and White.docx English 1201 Final Exam 2014 Black and White.docx
Size : 4073.725 Kb
Type : docx

Sample Exams 2201: 

2201 Examination 2010.docx 2201 Examination 2010.docx
Size : 163.791 Kb
Type : docx
2201 Exam-09 Final Copy.docx 2201 Exam-09 Final Copy.docx
Size : 318.743 Kb
Type : docx
2201 Examination Answer Key 2010.docx 2201 Examination Answer Key 2010.docx
Size : 199.498 Kb
Type : docx
2201 Answer Key 2009.doc 2201 Answer Key 2009.doc
Size : 44 Kb
Type : doc


Sample Exams 3201:

eng3201_aug07.pdf eng3201_aug07.pdf
Size : 653.605 Kb
Type : pdf
eng3201_aug07_Answer Keykey.pdf eng3201_aug07_Answer Keykey.pdf
Size : 639.53 Kb
Type : pdf
eng3201_aug08.pdf eng3201_aug08.pdf
Size : 143.063 Kb
Type : pdf
eng3201_aug08_Answer key.pdf eng3201_aug08_Answer key.pdf
Size : 1207.908 Kb
Type : pdf
eng3201_sample 2.pdf eng3201_sample 2.pdf
Size : 204.01 Kb
Type : pdf
Important Note:

Level III's Please remember to revisit all notes for longer in class studies:  The Stone Angel, Antigone, Macbeth, and The Catcher in the Rye -- Don't forget to visit Sparknotes, Shmoop, etc. for help with reviewing these longer texts. 

 Mid-Year Assessment Schedule

Mid Yr Exams Jan 2015.pdf Mid Yr Exams Jan 2015.pdf
Size : 112.308 Kb
Type : pdf

 Review for Exams:


Info. Text:

Informational Features of Text Jeopardy Game


Informational Features of Text Handout


Info. Text Exemplars


Demand Writing:


How to Write a Short Story Rubric

How to Write a Persuasive Essay Rubric

Persuasive Essay Canned Lesson

Persuasive Essay Sample:

Cats: The Ideal Housepets

 Demand Writing Exemplars




Poetry Exemplars


General Study:

Literary Games Jeopardy Game



How to Answer a Constructed Response Question and R.A.C.E.



Keep Checking the Homework Page for Updates

Terms Review Game

The link below will take you to Quizlet.com -- this is a 

great way to learn some of your literary terms.




midterm review ppt literary terms.ppt midterm review ppt literary terms.ppt
Size : 671 Kb
Type : ppt


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